The pay is lousy, it take 20 years to know if you did a good job, the thank yous are rarely deep enough to reflect the sacrifices made, criticism is far too prevalent and worst of all: the mainstream seems to have a very narrow personality type to celebrate as "acceptable Mothers".

Here at Victoire we want none of that for us as mothers and for the mothers in our lives. Be flawed, show your true wild/crazy/barely functioning self to the moms around you and most importantly to your kids! Dance in the kitchen, veg out on the couch, dress any damn way you please and don't ever question that you are being the VERY best mom your family needs by doing so!

This Mother's Day we chose three icons who were truly themselves and made some pretty wicked tees with Toronto artist Emily Bitze. Wear them with pride and give them to others in honour of being anything but a "Hallmark Mom".

RoseannePeg BundyCher as Mrs. Flax!
May 11, 2015 — Regine Paquette