This necklace is GLORIOUS. And has my name all over it. The likelihood of you seeing it around my neck sometime soon is VERY HIGH.

Neal Folke necklace. 171$. Available at all 3 shops & online.

In fact,  all of Neal's new pieces are really speaking to me. Like these Lore rings (also available at all 3 shops, in silver & bronze). Formerly Carrier Pigeon, designer Lauren Neal recently re-branded her line to reflect it's evolution into something a little more sophisticated, modern & timeless. Kinda how we feel about our recent move to 209 Dalhousie St!

Reading through Lauren's site, I stopped at this - which made me know Neal is right at home at Victoire since we feel the exact same way. The things you buy and wear mean something - they shouldn't be trendy or disposable. Which is why we've always strived to have Victoire be a place for fashion with a bit of purpose. Clothes you can feel good about, that communicate your values, and that you know you'll continue to treasure for a long time. Basically I think Lauren Neal feels the same way about her line, Neal:

"I live my life with purpose, connecting deeply with the people, places, and things that mean most to me, and that includes everything from the outdoors to shopping thoughtfully to getting dressed each morning. I know you do, too. Whether you pile on your favorite pieces everyday or wear one right item at the right time, your wardrobe expresses something important and distinctive about you."

April 05, 2015 — Regine Paquette