Valerie Dumaine has been one of our core designers since opening our first shop oh so many years ago. We have grown so much over the last 8+ years side by side, and always enjoy her design perspective, business mind and of course visiting her studio. Walls full of racks on racks on racks of gems from past seasons. It's so exciting to see all the pieces together telling a story not of a season, but of an entire career! The career of our favourite designer, the one who truly embodies our dream "Rock 'n' Roll tea party"!

We are bringing the thrill of seeing those racks in Valerie's studio lined with gems to the Dalhousie shop this Friday, February 20th through to Sunday, February 22nd. For all of you who have dresses haunting you from the past that you didn't scoop up, this is your time! And for those of you who have fallen in love more recently with Dumaine's creations, this is your chance to see the magnitude of awesome she has created over all these years! *And* we'll have a few pieces from Valerie's current Spring collection out as there's really no way you can miss this!

Valerie Dumaine Pop-up Shop

246 Dalhousie Street location only!

Friday, February 20th 11-8

Sunday, February 22nd 12-5

Saturday, February 21st 10-6

February 17, 2015 — Victoire