Check out this amazing new jewelry line we picked up all the way from New York! Entropy is designed by Haylie Johnston and hand produced in her New York studio. 

Lunar Phases necklace, $200 and Cosmic Particle necklace, $95
Haylie's pieces are about the mathematics of the universe. Drawing inspiration from geometric crystal formations, the mapping of space, and the phases of the moon, this line is sure to delight your inner astronomer (or astrologer).
Nebulae cuff in brass, $55 (also available in silver, $85) and Nebulae Charm necklace, $75
My personal favourite is the Oracle ring and necklace. Maybe I'll see the future if I stare into it long enough!
Silver Oracle ring, $80 and Oracle necklace, $85
These and more pieces are available at all 3 shops and online
January 09, 2015 — Amber Stafford