We will definitely never forget the year that was 2014. Opening the Toronto shop was a dream come true. We love the 'hood and our new (and expat Ottawa!) customers - but the biggest joy is having the EXTRAORDINARY Kristina and Amber back in the Victoire crew. We also have gotten to welcome Nevine and Erin into the fold making Toronto's team a total dream team for the ages! Our space at 129 Ossington is full of love and creativity, the perfect combo for a killer shopping experience!

Launching and growing the webstore has been an exciting challenge to define and interpret what Victoire is all about without the online customer ever meeting us or stepping through the door! We are proud of our first steps and are so excited to do even better in 2015!

Our Ottawa shops have also had a wild ride of 2014! We have welcomed new co-workers Lina, Hannah and Jess; seen the goods shop within the West Wellington location blossom and headed for their own location on Dalhousie St (next to our new location there this March at 209 Dalhousie!); and welcomed so many new designers to our family! We have also gotten to witness the evolution of Emily, Ainslie and Shaya into kick-ass, inspiring, engaged GROWN Women! We could not be prouder and more #blessed to have them as co-workers.

But we are seriously beyond blessed, grateful, humbled and motivated by each of your continued support of our business. No one thought opening a business at 24 made sense, no one thought a BFF would make a wise business partner, no one thought selling Canadian design in an industry seemingly obsessed with "fast fashion" could work, but you guys have allowed us to prove all that wrong!

Above picture by Remi Theriault for Herd mag.

Thank you for prioritizing buying Canadian Design, and supporting our small business. We promise to make 2015 the best yet!

2015, we got plans for you.....
Regine & Katie

January 02, 2015 — Regine Paquette