Before the mini dress took over the scene, flouncy party dresses were worn for any and every event or occasion, be it birthday parties, dinner dates - any excuse to dress up really! Not like today where dressing up is a rarity unless you have a wedding to attend. Even housewives back then wore pretty day dresses around to run simple errands and clean their ovens.I think we just need to embrace dressing up again - if everyone dons a super fun party dress for any semi-formal occasion then there will be no such thing as being over dressed! Who cares if your dude is in jeans - he can rock the James Dean look while you look like Marilyn. 
The New Look by Dior started in 1947 and didn't really die down until the sixties picked up the mini shifts and tunic dresses. The late 50s and early 60s still held onto the fitted waist and exaggerated skirts of the post-war decade. A dress like this would have normally been worn with a crinoline to help lift up and fill out the skirt. Today we are lucky we don't need all of the foundation garments like crinolines! This dress is less over the top when worn as is, keeping the silhouette more streamlined and easy to wear.
Today, you can wear one of these classic party dresses to any of your upcoming holiday parties, winter weddings or dinner parties. It's okay to get a little dressed up! Just channel your inner Betty Draper and rock one of these frocks this holiday season!

November 05, 2014 — Regine Paquette