Guys guys GUYS! There are so many awesome Beyonce-related things happening right now, it's like a real-life manifestation of my dreams!! #thepowerofvisualization

For one, there is another Beyonce night happening this Saturday at Babylon! Didja go to the last one? Wasn't it the funnest, sweatiest mess?? Now's our chance to do it all again! Tip: wear as little clothing as possible. I suggest our Watermelon tee, and like some sequin undies if you have 'em. (Speaking of which, we'll be selling our Watermelon tees for just 30 bones that night!)

Annnnnnd if you wanna SKIP THE LINE, and GET IN FOR FREE, and like, just show major player status, we have a limited number of Beyonce pin packs at both Ottawa shops by With Love or Whatever. 10$ gets you all that - and only 5 packs available per shop!

If you wanna make Saturday all about Bey from morning to night (which I do) , Saturday morning there is also this incredible class called Beyography. Shaya & I went last week-end and man was it ever HARD but SO FUN too! This week's routine is Single Ladies. Learn tha moves, then show them off at Babylon later that night. It's a beautiful thing.

August 28, 2014 — Regine Paquette