I really can’t believe it. After 3 years, this shop gal is leaving the Victoire nest! This week was my last week of work before getting ready for a new adventure. I'm moving to Halifax and starting art school at NSCAD University! It goes without saying that I'm going to miss my Victoire family like crazy since the shop has been such a a majorly positive part of my life.

My high shool was super close to the shop so I would often swing by on my way home to admire all the beautiful clothing and chat with whoever was working. I ended up working as a co-op student in grade 12 and then the summer I graduated, Regine and Katie hired me!  

Here's a Polaroid pic from my lil going away shindig this Wednesday! We  all went to Shanghai to sing karaoke! In case you were wondering, I'm holding a Drake doll the girls gifted me, haha <3

Working at Victoire has enabled me to be apart of a diverse team of hardworking, talented and rad ladies that I love and admire to bits.  I've also learned so much about my own creative capabilities and how to own them! Regine, Katie and all the girls have always been incredibly encouraging whenever I made a window display for the shop, whipped up some new jewelry for Steel Magnolias, or had any other artistic projects going on the side. For example, when I started interning for local jewellery designer, Jasmine Virani, they gave me the confidence to trust my own aesthetic enough to bring it to life which eventually lead to me starting my own small collection of jewelry called Mild Eyes! For that and so much more, these girls will always have a special place in my heart. I think that's what sets Victoire apart from working in most retail environments. Everyone of the shop girls is unique in their own way and can potentially contribute to the shop differently. Regine and Katie foster that to help us and the team flourish! <3

Parting gifts from the sweetest pals! One of my all time fav quotes on a banner made by Ottawa's own Melting Plastic! The vinyl Beyoncé record because duh, and some wicked Drizzy related things <3
This obsidian stone was given to be my Emily Rose! It dispels negativity, stabilizes, calms fears, and is an excellent protector!
 Although I'm leaving and won't see my favorite people on the daily, I know they'll be cheering me on from afar. I can't wait to blossom at school and be able to contribute to the shop a little differently in the future!

If you'd like to see what I'm up to in Halifax, follow me on instagram (@shyshaya) or check out my blog from time to time!


August 23, 2014 — Shaya Ishaq