Hey guys! My turn for summer faves! As we all know, summer is impossibly short, so I definitely don't want to waste a minute of it wearing something I can't be ready for adventure time in. These are my top 5 purchases from the shop this summer.

1. The Lost City Eye print t-shirt

No joke, I got this and wore it like 5 days in a row. It's perfect. Get it big and roll the sleeves! 
Lost City Eye t-shirt, $40
2. Leeay Aikawa necklace

Been wearing this a lot too. I like that it has both silver and copper in it, so I can also mix and match my rings. I also like that it's made of essentially hardware store parts and it's only $35!
Leeay Aikawa necklace, $35
3. Prints & Needles pouch

Keeping the eyeball theme going strong! I've been using my Prints & Needles pouch as a clutch to hold my wallet, various cards, and a lipstick or two. Makes me feel very chic to not have a backpack. 
Pouches, $35
4. Samantha Pleet Naiad romper

Also no joke, I wore this for about 5 days straight when I got it. Look how cute! Perfectly placed rib section cut-out and a drawstring waist that ties in the back which happens to be perfect for creating that cinched waist shape. We've got one of these babies left in Toronto in the beautiful mountain print.
Naiad romper, was $260, now $234!
5. Lucca Couture Daisies dress

You definitely can't bike in this dress, but oh, what a dream! Shaya and I both like to wear it with socks and 70s style brown wooden sandals, but think of the options! With Docs, with ankle boots and cut-off jean shorts, maybe even with a little white tee underneath? 
Lucca Couture Daisies dress, was $90, now $81!

July 18, 2014 — Amber