We have just started carrying a new Montreal Designer, Sheena Jewerly. Designer Sheena Purcell creates beautiful silver and gold jewelry cast out of vintage and antique lace. 

Her pieces encompass femininity in such a delicate and eye catching way. Her pieces are great as bridal jewelry for that extra touch of lace or as a beautiful and unique statement piece. Here's a glimpse at what we have in store.

Gold Loop Lace Necklace - $130. West only.
This ring is done in a silver with hints of a deep navy in the creases. This accents the texture really nicely. We have four other rings in this style.

Silver Lace Ring - $125. Available at Dalhousie.
Her thin lace bangles are stunning and delicate. Great for stacking. I love the look of the bronze, with that rustic green detailing. A great option if you prefer a less polished look but still love feminine details. 

Bracelets - Bronze $95, Silver $160. Available at Wellington and Dalhousie.

And here are her classic silver lace rings. The thinner bands can be stacked or worn as midi rings. The crown shaped style is a gorgeous standout piece. 
Silver Lace Rings - $125. All 3 of these styles available at Dalhousie.
These 3 styles available at Wellington.
Teal silver necklace - $95. Available at Wellington. Also comes in all silver.
Teal Bronze and Silver Earrings - $95. These also come all in silver for $110. Available at Wellington.

June 24, 2014 — Victoire