Not that you need a reminder, but selected items are on sale (at all locations and online) including this doozy of colour and comfort from Eve Gravel.
Eve Gravel M.I.A dress, regularly $198, now $158.
That awesome royal blue contrast colour paired with the solid colour baby-blue linen make this dress a total outfit for a hot summer day without having to add extra layers or (too many) accessories. 

It's also a baby blue LINEN dress and it does NOT CLING, so.... You know that's going to feel comfortable and look great on a hot and sunny summer day. Only limited quantities left so be sure to snatch up your size! Come pop by to #129ossington or one of our other locations to check out what else is on sale. 

Collar and bib detail. Pretty. And pretty lady. 
June 18, 2014 — Kristina (