The highly anticipated new collection by The Lost City has finally landed in the shops! As you probably already know, Danica Olders is a crazy talented artist from little ol' Ottawa, who is now residing in Montreal. She always has something on the go, whether it's an artshow, collaborating with us (remember our watermelon tees? well they are BACK!) or doing visuals in a super rad band. And somehow she still finds time to keep up her wicked collection of mystical, witchy apparel.

Here's a sneak peek at what's in store, ft. one of our fave gals Katie Swinwood. 
Ouija Cursor Tee - $40 - available at all 3 locations and online.

Touching Tongues Tee - $40 - Available in Toronto and Dal.

Third Eye Hat in Green - $60 - available at all 3 locations.
These embroidered hats are made of cotton and features a suede peek. It also comes in light blue with an orange eye.
Third Eye Hat in Orange - $60 - available at all 3 locations.

Eye Tee - $40 - available at all 3 locations and online.

*candy fruit necklaces not included, but highly recommended for optimal accessorizing.

June 01, 2014 — Victoire (