Our vintage dress pop-up is right around the corner...and just like we always do, we set out on a road trip a few weeks ago with our BFFs Hollie & Jane to gather lots & lots of great new dresses for you all. This time our destination of choice was Cleveland, Ohio! I know, I know, Cleveland? But seriously Cleveland is a vintage mecca, and we had the best time!

We left the morning after our opening party in Toronto, and even made a tiny detour to Niagara Falls. Katie & I had never been! They really are worth all the hype. Seven Wonders of the World title, well deserved!

We got into the city, and immediately hit our first shop before closing time. We were high on the thrill of the chase I tell ya! After a successful first shopping stop, we went out for dinner and then retired to our hotel for a good ol' fashioned girls night cuddle fest. Except we quickly found out that Hollie & Jane are NOT cuddlers like Katie & I. So that's not exactly how it went down actually. Whatever, we still love them.
Just some of the treasures left behind. Except for that sequin banana. We totally got the sequin banana.
Something else we left behind, to the furious outcry of many, many of you on Instagram. But we had to say no. Our car was already filled to the brim with vintage dresses!!
The next morning as we set off, we actually had to turn our car right around as we saw a SOAP BOX DERBY happening. Like, I had no idea these actually still happened!! It was so incredibly cute. 

After another successful vintage spree, we went for lunch at the West Side Market and I had probably the best Gyro of all time. Then we went for ice cream. Then it was dinner time. Basically if you like vintage shopping & food, you will like Cleveland.

Now you're probably wondering - that is so great, you guys had a blast in Cleveland, awesome. NOW SHOW ME SOME VINTAGE DRESSES! In due time...We will definitely be posting some sneak peeks this week & next. But for now, you should totally mosey on down to White Elephant's blog, since they just posted a really great collection of some of the dresses they got on the trip that they'll be bringing to our sale. 
May 13, 2014 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)