Mothers really deserve more than just one day of recognition for all the crap they put up with. I know my Mum does anyway. That being said, Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 11th and we wanted to show ya'll some of the goodies we think she would want.

In God We Trust, Twisty ring, $165. Made in NYC of yellow gold. Available at Wellington, Dalhousie & online.
What I really love about both these rings is that they look great on their own but they also stack wonderfully alongside other simple rings! They are so easy to wear day to day and can definitely complement a wedding ring swimmingly.
In God We Trust, Argyle ring, $74. Available at Wellington, Dalhousie & online.
Sterling silver and gold plated tea difuser pendant. Both $225 and available at our Westboro location.
If your mom so happens to be a tea enthusiast (like mine) then this gift idea might be right up her alley! These beautiful tea difuser necklaces are handmade in Halifax by Sarah Sears. You can actually open these pendants and use them as a difuser or simply store tea inside to give it an aroma. Wouldn't it be sweet to put your mom's favourite tea in it as a gift??

Rose gold and sterling silver tea cup rings by Sarah Sears. $95. Rose gold and gold plated tea cup earrings, $85.
Both pieces are so sweet and delicate! They almost look like flowers.
Eleven Thirty pocket coin purse. The ones with pony hair are $50 and the other two with leather are $40. Available at all 3 locations.
Have you ever seen a coin purse as sleek and cool as these? Me neither. This is the kind of useful gift your mom will definitely appreciate. You might even get one for yourself!

Left to right: Eleven Thirty Meg bag, $360. Also comes in black and green waxed canvas. Available at Wellington & Toronto  locations & online.  Eleven Thirty Anni Mini purse, $180. Available at all 3 locations.
Last but not least, these bags we just got in by Eleven Thirty are are sure to earn major points! Handmade in Toronto of leather and waxed canvas, these are the kind of bags someone could use on a regular basis. Both have an interior pocket but you can totally fit a laptop in the Meg tote. Either are perfect for the mom on the go!

We hope these gift ideas help get the ball rolling. Swing by our locations this weekend to pick up something sweet for your mum! We're sure you'll find a little something to make her smile this Sunday.