Two super fun outfits to show you today!

First up is this truly dreamy dress from Samantha Pleet. If this isn't immediately snapped up by someone else, I'll be getting it for myself. The perfect spring or summer dress for all occasions -- this is just a FACT.

Samantha Pleet NYC 'Scout' Dress, $260, available at 129 Ossington and in the online shop. ElevenThirty 'Sari' tote, $320, available at 129 Ossington and in the online shop
Up close with the Scout dress  -- peekaboo cutouts, tie-up below the bust, gorgeous print!
Second outfit we put together for today is a combination of our favourite things: fashion and food. Amber is wearing cutie-pie shorts from Betina Lou and a Rosehound Apparel "SLOB" sweatshirt that had popcorn embroidered on it (note: we also have a pink version with ruffled chips on it instead of popcorn). 
Rosehound Apparel 'Slob (Popcorn)' embroidered sweatshirt, $95, available at 129 Ossington and Westboro location. Betina Lou 'Millie' shorts, $140, available at 129 Ossington and both Ottawa locations. 
SLOB LIFE: If only we were sponsored by Orange Crush and Smartfood. SIGH. 
I think we've all been there -- chilling out, slamming back some popcorn, crumbs all over our shirts. It is the great unifier. Now, you can truly embody this truism by putting this sweater on your body. 

Shoutout to all the slobs who know how to keep it stylish! 

May 05, 2014 — Kristina (