I am BEYOND stoked to announce that 129 Ossington will be having its grand opening party next Thursday April 24th and YOU are invited! We've been open a little over two months, weathered the dark days of winter, and we are ready to welcome spring and all our new customers and friends over to have a PARTY!

An evening of elegance is not what we have planned here. We're gonna microwave pogos (aka corn dogs) and dine on sprinkle donuts. Think Charziie t-shirts IRL food form. There will be pizza, pop, pogos, donuts, booze.... and 10% off all night! Basically, all the good things. Regine and Katie will be in town as well, so it's gonna be a grand Victoire affair. We hope to see pals from near and far! 

Y'all are invited. Come say hi, do a little shopping, and partake in the delicious treats! Weee!!

April 18, 2014 — Amber (noreply@blogger.com)