We recently came across a letterpress card shop out of NYC called Greenwich Letterpress. They are pretty amazing and you should check out their whole website. The cards they make are beautiful, colourful and manage to hit on some truly delightful pop culture references. All three Victoire locations now have a damn fine selection, but here are a few of the fun cards inspired by some of your favourite movies and TV shows.

HBD from your favourite knife-wielding psychopath. $6. 
Twin Peaks Birthday, $6.
Sixteen Candles! Jake Ryan! OMFG. $6.
And this one goes out to you, dear reader. Just cuz.
Because you are one. $6. 
Hit up one of our locations to scoop up one of these (and many other) fine cards. 

March 31, 2014 — Kristina (noreply@blogger.com)