New stock from Covet from Montreal! The great thing about each of the pieces from Covet is that they are all super comfortable, feel easy in the way that wearing something casual always feels easy, but they still make you look like you put in SOME effort to get dressed in the morning. That, my friends, is the kind of garment that speaks to me. Anyway, without further ado.... 

Loving this breezy, sheer tan-striped tunic with a soft black cotton panel in the back. Perfect for the coming summer days (coming.... right?), layered over a black cami or lacy bra. Throw a cardigan or blazer over top and Bob's your Uncle! (I have been using this saying a lot these days. And I can't say that I plan to stop anytime soon. It's weird and I'm sorrynotsorry)

Covet 'Penny' tunic, $60. Paired with Dolorous 'Aspis necklace' $70 and an IGWT 'sweet nothings' necklace, $55-$59. Available at all locations.
We're also feeling the casual comfort of this dress. There's a little bit of a drop-waist element to it, but it's an elastic waist so you can kind of play around with where you want the waistline to hit. Very comfortable, and pretty much an all-season dress!

Covet drop-waist dress in olive, $96. Also available in a Tan coloured print. Available only at 129 Ossington location. 
Also super stoked on these snakeskin-print silk tanks! What's so great about these is that they have a cotton lining that you can tuck into your jeans or skirt, or let out to flow nice and easy. 
Covet 'Lisa' silk tank, $84. Available at all locations. Paired here with the House of Bauble 'Titanium' necklace, $42. 
Finally, what could be better than a solid button-up shirt? And in a nice washed-out floral? Come on. Some things just make perfect sense. 
Covet 'Deidre' shirt, $60, available at all three locations. AJ Morgan Sunnies, $19-$24, at all locations.
Peace out, dudes and dudettes! 
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