Toronto just got a shipment of a brand-new swimsuit line made and designed in Montreal called Mimi Hammer! Mimi Hammer's swimsuits come in that perfect retro-yet-modern style that has been all over the Dundas Bathurst swimming pool. 
Dots top, $64 & Dots bottoms, $60
Super high waist + bandeau top = NO WRONG. The best thing about this style is that you essentially get the coverage of a one-piece, but you can always roll down the bottoms if you wanna get a little sun on your tummy. 
Relive top, $64 & Relive bottoms, $60
Just as an added bonus, these swimsuits are all made with 88% recycled polyamide produced from post-industrial materials like fishing nets and old carpets. 
Diving top, $64 & Diving bottoms, $60
March 25, 2014 — Amber (