We ladies really know how to pack a purse full to the brim, Whether it be a clutch or a tote bag we sure know how to fill 'em and lose our lipgloss in the process. If you are like me, sometimes you even carry around an extra pair of flats, just in case. So this leads me to why I like these new Hands & Feet bags oh-so-very-very-much! These bags are all handmade in Hamilton, Ontario using quality materials and textile techniques.  And let me tell you, they fit A LOT of stuff if need be. We do have an array of sizes and they are available at both locations. 
Canada Tote, $45
Side Bag, $60

Diagonal Tote, $55

Clutch/Pouch, $45
 So I know the weather can be bringin' ya down right now, but the store is warm and full of Spring and Summer goodies that will lift your spirits.. I promise. xo
March 22, 2014 — emily rose (noreply@blogger.com)