We just received some cute new cards from Vancouver's letterpress card company, Regional Assembly of Text! 

Here's a little taste of their quirky illustrated and adorably decorated cards.

This sweet little card is perfect for any occasion when you feel like saying to that special someone how much you like 'em. Comes with cute dinosaur pin ( how rad is that!?) - $5

Let the birthday girl get special treatment wherever she goes with this special custom Birthday Girl button! She can wear it all night so everyone knows who the centre of attention is. $5.

Know an outstanding human being? Why not let these foxes gift them with a button that will let the world know how fantastic they are. Queue the standing ovation for being simply awesome. $5.

Because every birthday boy and girl deserves the royal treatment on their special day - and everyone should oblige, so let them wear this button with pride. $5.

All cards are available at each of our locations, so head on over and knock someone's socks off with these thoughtful and fun greeting cards.

March 14, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey (noreply@blogger.com)