Here's a super easy, super caj outfit that will be so great for spring. Take one pair of pants from Toronto's own Dagg and Stacey.  These babies are comfy without looking lazy, and with a little tuck and roll at the cuff, you're set and styled.  Here I am giving them a try-on.

Dagg and Stacey Kensington pants, $140

For your top half, throw on a loose tank with some structural details like metal buttons and front pockets, like this one from Hanna Dorothy.
Hanna Dorothy Laura tank, $115

Now just add some jewellery and your favourite bag!  My personal favourite necklace in the shop right now is this little hand from Elaine Ho. It's the perfect touch of morbidity to cut the sweetness of a nice outfit, amiright? 

Elaine Ho silver necklace, $150
And there you have it.  An outfit that is perfect for the season of adventures! You can dance in it, you can ride your bike in it, you can do whatever you want in it!
Deborah Adams bag, $85

March 11, 2014 — Amber (