I just put up some new items on the web store featuring the photos of my talented friend, Sarah Bodri! You can check out her website here.  Based in Toronto, Sarah is an emerging artist, a brilliant barista at The Common, and a fellow cycling enthusiast. 
Birds of North America Autruche dress, $194 (Available at all 3 shops and online)
Betina Lou Dolores dress in denim, $190 (Available in all 3 shops and online. Also available in Rosette print at Dalhousie)
Birds of North America Colibri dress, $186 (Available at all 3 shops and online)
On a side note, you guys have heard of Arden Wray right? She's an NYC transplant and long time friend of Victoire.  She is responsible for starting the wonderful website Boots and Pine, which profiles (mostly) women in business for themselves.  Keep checking in with Boots and Pine.  You never know who'll be on there next...
March 05, 2014 — Amber (noreply@blogger.com)