Have you ever wondered how a clothing designer goes about creating a collection? Are you curious about how buyers (like us!) pick through that collection to curate the selection you see in their shops?  This Collection Launch is the perfect opportunity to lift the veil and get a peek at the process. Victoire along side the beloved Birds of North America are lifting the vail and welcoming you into the process. Victoire will be hosting for 3 days a collection launch during which customers can see every piece and color wave produced for Birds of North America's spring collection. This will be a chance to buy like buyers do, with every color and style an option!  
The other aspect we love so much about our buying process is talking with the designer and you will get a chance to do so as well.  On Saturday March 8th, Victoire will be hosting an artist talk with the designer behind Birds of North America, Hayley Gibson, where she will speak about her process and answer all your questions. We will be there too to answer questions about the curation of the shops and serve you food!
This is for 3 days only and definitely not to be missed.  I would definitely recommend coming in to do your shopping thursday and Friday. That way on Saturday you can socialize and in all likely hood by that other piece you have been dreaming about.   Birds of North America produces a size 2-14 and even a 16 in some styles so please spread the word to all the women in your life. 

March 6th and March 7th: Collection launch from 10-8pm
March 8th: Collection launch from 10-6 and artist talk with Hayley Gibson at 11:30
All events will be taking place at the West Wellington shop.
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February 27, 2014 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)