We are so excited to say this: Our shop at 129 Ossington opens its doors for the first time Friday the 21st at noon!  We have all been working so hard to make this happen. The shop is so beautiful and I really think you will all be so happy in this space!  Come visit!!!

We are pumped to be part of such an awesome 'hood. Everyone has been so nice and supportive. We always believed the 'Big Bad Toronto' line but man is that ever a lie. People have been so totally awesome. It feels like the city is embracing us with open arms and snuggling us like a big bear! It's cozy and just what Victoire gals love!
Everyone has been working so hard. Drew Mosley did awesome carpentry and made our vision come to life and improved on it. Mike Haddad re-mixed our logos and we are so happy to have a fresh look. And Dom from N-Product made us a wicked sign that will be up on the building in a few weeks. 
But Amber and Kristina have been our little workhorse-angels. Man, we could never have done it without them. And now they will infuse their heart and soul into the shop and every interaction with all of you. Get ready to fall in love with the shop at 129 Ossington and those two ladies.
February 21, 2014 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)