Each card is printed on recycled paper and is $6. These cards in particular are so Victoire!
 We got a restock of cards and other goods from Rifle Paper Co this week. You've surely seen their cards, Iphone cases or stationary at our shops once before! We love this Florida based company for their whimsical designs that always seem to fit the bill no matter what the occasion. You guys seem to love them too! Check out a selection of some of the new cards they've sent us.

We even got in some cards perfect for Valentine's Day!
Pocket notebooks, $13. Iphone 4 cases, $39.
Along with cards, we also got a restock in their Iphone 4 cases in addition to the oh so adorable and popular pocket notebooks. Swing by either location to pick up some of these goods!
January 26, 2014 — Shaya Ishaq (noreply@blogger.com)