That's a picture of Regine and I outside our new Toronto shop! It's at 129 Ossington Street between Queen and Dundas. It's a little shop that we are so excited to turn into the newest Victoire. When we opened 7 years ago in a tiny shop on Dalhousie street we never could have imagined how the business has grown. We are so proud of employing 7 people in a inspiring and collaborative environment, of all the amazing designers we work with and of course we are SOOOO proud every time you tell us we are doing good!

Our work ethic and ability to reinvest every dollar made right back into the shop has gotten us to two shops, a webstore, a house-line of jewelry and now a third shop.  But we are now at a crossroads, we need investment but we have no rich uncles or secret Swiss bank accounts. Banks aren't our biggest supporters. They don't really dig the fact that we don't have a big pot of gold to swim in but instead have put Victoire's profits towards developing our new website, bringing in emerging designers and training our employees. But you guys support us! You've supported us from day 1! You love what we do at Victoire, and understand why we do what we do, even if it isn't making any of us rich.  So we are launching an Indiegogo campaign. Our goal is to raise $10,000.00. We know this is pretty ambitious, but we've got some really great perks up for grabs from lots of your favourite Victoire designers. We know we can reach this goal with all of you shopping our perks and spreading the word.  We are really excited that our investors are gonna be the people who know us the best (and love us anyways...).

Selling Canadian designers and small independent designers will never make us a zillion dollars. But we are proud of what we do and the way it shapes our communities. We love connecting design-minded people with the products they are dreaming for. We love being a force of good in the fashion industry that has so much bad in it.

Please support our growth and spread the word on our Indiegogo campaign
December 13, 2013 — Victoire (