Ever since Katie had kids, I've been hearing alot of "dingle dangles!" This is to replace your garden variety expletives in the presence of less mature ears. I really like the way it rolls off the tongue, and it's also pretty hilarious to see a frustrated adult exclaim "dingle dangle!!" 

Anyways, that doesn't really have anything to do with bangles. But I thought it had a nice ring.
Chasm bangle (135$), available at the Dalhousie shop & online
All that to say, we have some pretty great bangles in the shop right now. This post I'll be focusing on some of my favourites from 2 of our long-standing best brands in the shop, Species by the Thousands and In God We Trust. First up is Species by the Thousands, which started out of an apartment in Brooklyn years ago where they crafted an array of pieces including hand painted shoes, miniature landscape lockets (both of which we carried in our teeny tiny shop when we first opened 7 years ago!). Their jewelry is influenced by witchcraft and the occult, psychedelic music, bearded men, wild animals, and 1970’s nostalgia. 

Sun cuff (135$), available at the Dalhousie location & online
Also based in New York, In God we Trust collections combine an obsession with vintage jewelry and and an irreverent, often dark-witted sense of humour. Brand new to the shop are these amazing Snake Bite Cuffs. These bracelets will make you look tuff as hell, but pretty at the same time. They do it all! 
135$, available at both locations & online

135$, available at both locations & online

November 25, 2013 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)