You might not want to hear it but we are very very excited for Holidays. This time of year mean friends, family, food, food, more food, drinks, even more good company and fun dresses. We obviously LOVE getting dressed-up here at Victoire. It is the time of year to truly shine! Whether it be a work party, family function, or low key night with the gals, we have chosen two dresses that really sparkle. Shine bright like a diamond!

 Both of these outfits are a little bit METAL (literally). And both are totally party friendly and super fun. Please DO dare to wear something as shiny and metallic as these pieces over the Holidays.. it is part of what they are about. That and food. and gifts. and most importantly loved ones. Duh.  Did I say that already?

Outfit 1: Darling Celeste Blouse, $130 and Betina Lou Paula Skirt, $130
Outfit 2: Eve Gravel Precious Dress, $230. You can get it online HERE.
November 14, 2013 — emily rose (