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Metatron - How Do I Look (Sennah Yee)

Metatron - How Do I Look (Sennah Yee)

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"In my next life my self-love will not be self-made."

Through a series of flash poetry/non-fiction pieces, Sennah Yee’s debut full-length book How Do I Look? paints a colourful portrait of a woman both raised and repelled by the media. With pithy, razor-sharp prose, Sennah dissects and reassembles pop culture through personal anecdotes, crafting a love-hate letter to the media and the microaggressions that have shaped how she sees herself and the world. How Do I Look? is a raw and vulnerable reflection on identities real and imagined.

Sennah Yee was born in 1992 in Toronto, Canada. Her two chapbooks about mopey couples, THE AQUARIUM and THE GL.A.DE, are at Dancing Girl Press. Her Cinema & Media Studies MA thesis was on gendered robot design. Her favourite drink is a mixed fruit juicebox.

First edition, first printing
84 pages
Cover art | Christine Shan Shan Hou
Editor | Jay Ritchie
ISBN: 978-1-988355-08-5

“In Yee’s poetry, whole worlds, multiple worlds, can live in just a few sentences, and countless people and histories can exist within one person’s body. It almost makes reading full novels feel silly when you can live a whole life in just one of Yee’s paragraphs.”

“Sennah Yee’s How Do I Look? is a selfie through a webcam in the compact mirror tossed over the shoulder of a nightswimmer into a suburban chlorine pool. These poems are the hit radio lyrics that roll around in the mind before falling asleep, the silently crafted love poems for an unrequited crush written on a blog saved in drafts, the emails sent to one’s future self opened at a karaoke bar years later in another country. How Do I Look? made me look back and get home safe. I look in the rear view mirror to find flowers growing out of me.”

“Sennah Yee has written a book full of wit and fire. This is a work to read and reread. The individual pieces build on each other to reveal the fractured self beneath and the ways the Western world fractures people who “look like Mulan.” A fierce new literary voice. Don’t miss this one.”

“At first glance, it might not seem as if How Do I Look? is about survival. But in each of these brief vignettes, Sennah Yee is tested over & over again by white supremacy, racism, fetishization, heteronormativity & all the other worst parts of Western culture that constantly deluge the screens & scenes of our upbringing. And yet, Sennah Yee survives every microaggression. Sennah Yee has teflon in her blood & How Do I Look? is sparkling sunset over Liberty City & absolute proof that she is bulletproof.”

Metatron Is an independent publishing company from Montreal, QC. 


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