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Little Shiny Wolf Red Dress Inspired Earrings

Prix régulier $60.00

Little Shiny Wolf has made Red Dress inspired earrings to help honour, remember and bring awareness to the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Trans and 2 Spirited People. $10 from each pair of the Red Dress Earrings is donated to related organizations and causes.

Made out of size 11 delica glass beads, these earrings feature nickel-free white gold plated hooks, fireline thread, beeswaxed nylon thread and ethically sourced porcupine quills. 

Beads are made of glass. With this in mind, please handle carefully as dropping pieces could result in busted beads. 

You may notice for some beads the colours may fade. This is normal with wear. To prolong the wear of your pieces, we suggest putting on pieces after you have put on hair products, and after using perfumes. Body oils can also cause fading over time. 

For fringe earrings, please be gentle when adjusting the fringe parts and avoiding tugging as this could cause the piece to break. For storing fringe earring pieces we suggest either laying them flat, or hanging them from a jewelry tree if possible.

Please avoid bending the quills as they can easily break. 

When you shop at Victoire, you're supporting designers like Little Shiny Wolf, which is the designer's name translated into English from Nisga'a. She is from the Nisga'a Nation on her mother's side, and African American mixed on her father's. She started dabbling in beading in 2017 in Toronto. Being a First Nations person from the West Coast, she was used to seeing carved pieces regularly. She would occasionally see beaded work, but it was not as common. However, upon migrating to the East Coast of Canada, she was introduced to beaded jewelry. She had always appreciated Indigenous beaded jewelry and Regalia, but gained an even greater appreciation for all the passion, love, time, and labour that goes into creating various pieces the more involved she became in the Indigenous community in Toronto. She continues her journey as a beading artist to present day, creating in Calgary now.


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