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Victoire + N-product

Well, it's already November! But that's a good thing because it is Support Local Month in Ottawa! This year is showcasing 110 businesses, artists, musicians and restaurants that make Ottawa the inspiring and creative place it is. With events and cool collaborations all month long, you get a chance to...


we love..t-shirts.

So I pretty much dreamed of a summer where I would live in jean shorts and t-shirts. Call it too casual, but it just works. Especially if you have a killer t-shirt. It's all you really need to make a statement. With fundraising and cool local artists making awesome designs,...


Happy Birthday to us!

We are so honoured and grateful for all the love and encouragement you have shown to Victoire over the last seven years. Thank you one million times for liking us! And guess what? We REALLY like you guys too. Enough that we are giving you a birthday present for our...