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Mild Eyes Jewelry


If you close the door the night could last forever.

 A dark and dream delivery from Eve Gravel, perfect for prawling the day and day dreaming the night.These pieces remind me of this song and the time/place/people who made and influenced it:


Switch Comb Sisters

When fall rolls around you got to act tough. Easy breezy summer is over! But remember you are just ACTing tough, so don't go and buy a switchblade. No no no. Get this fake switch blade comb instead!Try not having a Bruce Springsteen song playing in your head with this...


Happy Birthday to us!

We are so honoured and grateful for all the love and encouragement you have shown to Victoire over the last seven years. Thank you one million times for liking us! And guess what? We REALLY like you guys too. Enough that we are giving you a birthday present for our...