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Astrology is Awesome!

If there is one thing I take VERY seriously, it is astrology. While some may brush it off as nonsense, there is actually a lot more to than most people think! For instance, did you know that your sun sign is not your ONLY astrological sign? In fact, everyone actually has twelve DIFFERENT signs that all correspond to the twelve different astrological houses. In order to find yours out, you should get your birth chart done either by an astrologer or online (for instance, I am a Leo sun with a Virgo cusp, a Cancer rising and a Taurus moon - in other words, a very sensitive and determined attention-seeker!)
Still, when I am looking for a bit of guidance from the stars, there are some astrologers that I always turn to. Here are my top three faves! 
#3. The Astro Twins - The Astro Twins are exactly what they sound like: identical twin sister astrologers! Before becoming astrologers to the stars, Ophira and Tali Edut began their career in publishing, working at magazines like Sassy and Teen People. Nowadays, they run their own astrology website. I love reading the horoscopes on their site because of their fun writing style and outrageous advice, as well as their explanatory articles about planetary retrogrades (if you don't know what those are, they are definitely worth reading up on!) 
#2. Susan Miller - Susan Miller has a cult following for a reason - she's been writing monthly horoscopes for her readers since 1995 (coincidentally the year I was born). If you're looking for an in-depth monthly horoscope, Susan is definitely the astrologer for you. Her posts are often several pages long and I often find myself taking notes! There is always a lot of great insights to be gained from her horoscopes, even if you don't "believe" in astrology. As she said herself, “The choice of whether to take advantage of an opportunity or let it go will always be up to you.”
#1. Chani Nicholas - Describing herself as a "queer feminist astrologer," Chani Nicholas is equal parts astrologer and activist. Her weekly horoscopes are often tied to current events and offer a source of hope in tumultuous political times. She also has an absolutely beautiful writing style - I will confess that I have cried after reading my horoscope by her more than once. For instance, my latest horoscope said, "Your feelings connect you to others. Your feelings have power. The power to heal." Wow! Even if astrology is not for you, I highly recommend reading her stuff just to pick yourself up if you're in a bad mood. 

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