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Holiday Shopping nights at every Location!

December is here! There's snow on the ground, and you're craving hearing your fave Christmas songs: this is ours these days. Next step is to watch some claymation reindeer and eat all the "imperfect" cookies not fit to serve.  Traditions are really just the best, especially when they are tacky!

OH WAIT!!!! There might also be some people in your life who you want to shower with love and presents!! And you may also want to show up to all your holiday parties in something other than your Santa suit!

The shops of North Dalhousie are hosting their annual Holiday Shopping Night Tuesday the 9th from 5-8pm. We will be serving drinks, and discounts (10% off all purchases including accessories & jewelry!) Also with every $20 your spend you will be entered into a draw to win $700 to be spent at the shops of North Dalhousie!!

The shops of Ossington are hosting their first Holiday Shopping Night Thursday the 11th from 5-10pm. Discount of 10% off EVERYTHING! 

We will also be hosting a Holiday Shopping night on West Wellington on Dec. 11th, stay tuned for more details on that night!

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