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Wedding Belles

Ah yes, one of our favourite things about this sale is when a bride-to-be finds her future wedding dress. It always feels a little bit magical seeing one of our dresses given a second life on someone's special day! Our BFF Marie-Camille got married over Thanksgiving weekend and wore this beautiful vintage dress she found at one of our past sales. 
Look at this beauty!!(I mean the gal..not just the dress!)
One of the nice things about getting a vintage dress is that it was once someone else's magic dream dress (magic dream dress is the scientific term for beautiful vintage wedding dresses), as if it's lived a past life, and maybe even a charmed one! Each one carries its own history to it, and that makes it extra special. Another great thing about going vintage is that you can alter it to be the dream dress you've been looking for. Marie-Camille got her dress shortened to suit her style and make it a little more easy going. Alterations won't cost you as much as buying a new dress and having the get alterations on top of the hefty price tag. 

You might remember this post from the summer, after we had our wedding event featuring Heart Deco and Sparrow Floral Design. A beautiful bride found her wedding gown at our spring sale, and then she found her ring boxes through Heart Deco and had all of her flowers done by Sparrow. Now that is what we call a dream wedding! 

And it doesn't need to stop there - gather your best galpals aka potential bridesmaids and let them choose their dress! You can easily pick a colour scheme for them to work within and we have all of the racks colour coordinated, from pastel hues in pink, lavendar, or mint, to creams and golds, to rich blues and reds. So have a few mimosas at brunch and then swing by our Dalhousie shop on Saturday or Friday evening before going out for drinks! 
It's also a great event for prom dress shopping. If you know a gal who wants to get away from the generic side of prom, bring her over to check out our stock! See you tonight!

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