Victoire loves ya!

What's black and white and read all over?

This blog post!

Yes, I know the answer you've heard is a newspaper, but who reads newspapers anymore! 

In this lovely blog post, we've got pieces in Black and white, but like you've never seen these classic colours before! 
At Victoire, we're wearing them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, patterns, and outfits.
Eve Gravel Leo Striped dress - $178 (all 3 locations)
Eleven Thirty Salt and Pepper Ursula bag - $160 (all 3 locations)
Black with black leather details and stripes
Eve Gravel Sid skirt - $126 (all 3 locations)
Valerie Dumaine Alfie top - $155 (Toronto and online)
Emily Valentine Kumha necklace - $79 (Toronto and Westboro)
Checkered black and white
Eve Gravel Haze top - $148 (all 3 locations)
Mod style polka dots
Darling Meya tunic - $78 (Toronto, Dalhousie and online)
Belted black and white graphics
Eve Gravel Guilty dress - $168 (Toronto and Dalhousie)
Tiro Tiro Tempus necklace - $130 (Toronto)
Or unbelted black and white graphics
Basket weaved black and white patterns
Birds of North America Piculet dress - $189 (Toronto and online)
Marmod8 Orbit ring in Volcanic black - $90 (Toronto and online)
So play with those black and white patterns this season, cause as MJ says: "it don't matter if you're black or white"!

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