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Tiro Tiro

Of all the cool things that come out of Portland, we were able to capture the brilliant jewelry line Tiro Tiro. The word Tiro is latin for "novice", and the line's designer Teresa Robinson is no novice herself. With fifteen years of experience, she maintains the ability to embrace experimentation and improvisation, allowing her materials to act as a guide. Primarily working with brass, she intertwines Irish linen cord into the designs, creating an interesting contrast of colour and texture. 
Polis Bracelet - $118 - Available at Dalhousie, West, and online.
Tempus Necklace - $130 - available at West.

The shapes are very simple and geometric, but there's something so intriguing about them. I love how the geometry is softened by the curves in the brass. The Tempus necklace for example is a solid brass pendent that has a very three dimensional curve to it, but it still rests flat. 

These Cael pieces are given a shot of vibrant colour that is feels warm and they can really make an outfit. These would look SO good paired with navy and different shades of green this fall. 

Cael Necklace - $160, Cael Earrings - $102 - both available at Dalhousie and online here and here.

The cute Pinna rings are made to be stacked, but you could wear them side by side too. Again, these have that beautiful curvature and a really nice weight to them. 
Pinna Stacking Ring Set - $90 - available at Dalhousie.
I definitely recommend taking a peek through their lookbook. The clothing they pair with each piece is stunning and shows how you can be wearing the simplest clothing and instantly give it new life with bold, statement jewelry. 

My favourite shot from one of her lookbooks.

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