Victoire loves ya!

The only one

If you haven't checked out our *secret Instagram account* @Victoiresupersale, you've been missing out on alot of fun! What you'll find there are alot of gems (now supremely discounted), that on the rack are easy to miss since in most cases there are only 1 of each left...little lonely guys, hanging out all alone on a rack, without their usual gang to help bring attention to them. It can be hard for these last solo pieces! The rest of their pack has left the nest, they're really just suffering from a lack of exposure or they need the right set of eyes to catch them and exclaim "omg it's the last one! And it's MY size!"

So basically @Victoiresupersale is just chock full of these kinda gems. And we've listed the size available so you can know right away whether it was meant to be or not. Find one meant for you? Just send us a quick email at notrevictoire@gmail.com, and we'll ship it to you or send it to the shop that's most convenient for you for pick-up. Easy peasy!

Like the Dagg & Stacey Coraline dress. SUCH a cool, eclectic, super chill wrap dress. And we only have size 8 left. AND it's now 40% off - 102$ down from 170$. If this sounds like it was meant for you, you know where to find us! It's online as well as in-store.

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