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With Love or Whatever

If you've been following the shop on social media in the past few weeks, you may have noticed a new line that we just can't get enough of. It's called With Love or Whatever and it is the brainchild of Ottawa based illustrator and all around rad gal, Chanelle Foisy! She recently designed some Drake themed pin packs for an event at our Toronto location last month (Champagne Pop'y) and also drew up the poster for the Bey Bey All Night dance party at Babylon last weekend.

 A selection of these pins is available at all three shops and are $2 each.
As you can tell, Chanelle's been a busy bee as of late but she got a chance to do a sweet lil interview this week with me, Shaya! I've got my very own blog called Mild Eyes where I share things I like and talk to some creative folks I admire. Check it out, you won't be disappointed! We talk a little about her process and she shares what her ultimate dream coffee date would be - cos that's what really matters, right?? She even mentions some fun projects that she's got in store!
The babely Chanelle chillin' in her  dreamy room/studio space.
If you look closely you can totally see the graphic print of our Burger tee from last summer framed on her wall. What a wicked idea!

Be sure to check out that post for the full interview, peeps. I'll leave you with a little teaser for now in which she makes a sweet little shout out to Katie and Regine! <3

A lot of your recent work involves joining forces with other creative folks be it local shop Victoire Boutique or DJ Matt Tamblyn. What other collabs have you got lined up? (If you can spill the beans!)

C: I have a few upcoming projects with Victoire – I’ll be doing a guest window at the West shop August 15th, as well as something pretty exciting happening in October for Support Local Month, to mention a few. Régine and Katie have been super supportive of my work, and it’s been great collaborating with such rad, creative gals. Matt and I are currently working on some more SILK X With Love or Whatever merch, so keep an eye out for that! I also have something really cool coming up in August – it’s a secret so I can’t talk about it too much just yet, but it’s R&B related and it will be the best.

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