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Isla Loves Rick

Isla Loves Rick is the newest addition to the evergrowing array of jewellers featured at Victoire. Crafted in limited edition 14K gold, gold-filled, oxidized sterling silver and brass, the designs by Gabrielle Russomagno are done in small batches giving each piece a unique quality. Her jewelry designs are simple, organic, and timeless. Her pieces are understated luxury, so if you like minimalist aesthetic but the elegance of gold and silver, then this line is for you.

Isla Loves Rick Hairpin Necklace - $155. Two Dots: $175.

From left to right: Curve earings - $99 Sterling silver and 14k gold filled.  East/West Hoop - 14k gold filled $65. North/South Hoop - 14k gold filled - $65.
Rectangle ring - 14k gold filled - $155; Couplet ring - 14k gold filled- $119.
Top: Leather wrap cuff: $100; Bottom: Double Snake 14k gold filled - $185
Wafer Ring - 14k rose gold filled - $95; Broad ring - 14k gold filled - $105
This is only a taste of what we have at both West and Dal. We have a varying selection of her pieces, many of which come in yellow and rose gold.

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