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Heart Deco Ring Boxes

In addition to antique rings, Heart Deco is keeping the West shop stocked with vintage & antique ring boxes. The perfect place to store your special rings, they would add such a sweet touch when proposing to that vintage-loving someone in your life! These boxes are also great for displaying your wedding rings in engagement and wedding day photos!

These fancy carved celluloid (an early plastic) boxes date from about the 1930s -1940s. As cute as they are on the outside, half the fun is in the velvet interiors. Thanks to being stored shut, the velvet is free from fading, and remains colourfast after all this time!

The ivory celluloid boxes are most common, but they also come in a range of pretty colours... maybe even something to co-ordinate with your wedding?

Current shop favourite isn't a celluloid box at all, it's a little paper box made to look like a book! Inside is a pair of flocked velvet inserts to hold your wedding rings. An adorable & romantic alternative to a traditional ring bearer's pillow!

There's a range of celluloid, leather, and velvet boxes at the Wellington shop. Prices range from about $30-$70.

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